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Acqua di Parma: new headquarters furnished by GRUPPOEMMEBI

Acqua di Parma has inaugurated its new headquarters deep in the heart of Milan: a bright location where people can meet up to share ideas and work on new projects.
GRUPPOEMMEBI had the honour to work on this project thanks to Il Prisma, an Italian international architecture and design studio, leader in designing innovative spaces in which work and creativity play central roles.

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The new offices are located in a historical now industrial building that allows the Italian sun to filter through the windows and flood each room with natural light. The spaces of the new Headquarters recall the Maison’s bright colours in both the walls and furniture, finding the perfect balance between black, white, and Acqua di Parma’s iconic yellow.

The concept behind the project is to create open spaces that let creativity flow freely: work spaces are not simply rooms with desks, but real poles of attraction that focus on the ritual of being and creating together. Along the same lines, the central square and lounge are large flexible spaces where people can meet, share and think in an open and airy space.

GRUPPOEMMEBI made sure to make Acqua di Parma’s new furniture functional and modern. All elements have a sleek look and allow the open spaces to unfold fluidly. Most of the rooms are neutral-toned, but valued through pops of the brand’s bright yellow colour.
Central to the entire design project is greenery: a big tree placed at the centre of the outdoor area and plants sprinkled throughout all indoor spaces.

The new headquarters truly become Acqua di Parma’s new home thanks to the large exhibition area where a huge hatbox with the brand’s logo decorates the wall. Dominating the space is also a bespoke table designed and manufactured by GRUPPOEMMEBI: a one-of-kind with two oval tops of different heights and unique trapezoidal legs.

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