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The Group: interior contractor,
production and installation

A cutting-edge Group, with a new, integrated and forward-looking business vision.

The Group is made up of three operating companies that work in synergy:

MB CONTRACT is focused on interior contracting and project management.

MB ARCHITECTURAL is the new design branch, part of MB Contract.

MB FACTORY is dedicated to custom-made furniture manufacturing.

FCF IMPIANTI deals with the installation of mechanical systems.

Triangle icon EMMEBI interior design company and Italian bespoke furniture


Everyone is the story they have lived, the values they believe in, the experience and skills they accumulate and cultivate over time.


Everyone is the story they have lived, the values they believe in, the experience and skills they accumulate and cultivate over time.

As for every individual, so it is for all companies, and even more so for GRUPPOEMMEBI: visionary and energetic, constantly attentive to the client and the quality of its service.

Relying on an all-around vision of the current and future needs associated with the project, the Group has always invested in the professionalism and quality of its staff, talented professionals and craftsmen, perfectly united to achieve the same objective: manufacturing high quality custom-made furniture.

Timeline GRUPPOEMMEBI Italian bespoke furniture
Timeline GRUPPOEMMEBI Italian bespoke furniture


A Group with artisan values and skills managed and organized with industrial skills.

GRUPPOEMMEBI’s identity is expressed through competence, experimentation, made in Italy, tailoring, analytical and creative skills. They are all pieces that make up every supply, whether small or large, they are the values and distinctive codes of the brand.



GRUPPOEMMEBI is concrete, consistent, real, pragmatic and solid.


GRUPPOEMMEBI is competent, technologically advanced and recognises and brings out quality.


GRUPPOEMMEBI is creative thinking, craft sensitivity, mind and action that come together.

Interior Contractor logos and pencil UK
Interior Contractor logos and pencil UK

Reliable, professional and innovative, GRUPPOEMMEBI is a privileged interior contractor at the service of its clients, whether they are private individuals, architects, interior designers or developers.

Everything always starts from listening, from the fascination of an idea that chases an image and the natural transformation of a custom-made furniture design into a reality to be experienced.


An integrated system capable of understanding, implementing and improving projects and solutions for furniture manufacturing.


GRUPPOEMMEBI’s philosophy is based on three fundamental elements: the client, the project and its implementation.

wood cutting furniture manufacturing
painting a desk for custom-made furniture
wood for custom-made furniture

GRUPPOEMMEBI is responsible for all phases of the work, from consultancy to services, from furnishing to design, from supply to site coordination. From concept to realization, up to post-sales control: the design process is a true synergy of knowledge and experience.

Through a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach, GRUPPOEMMEBI acts as a single point of contact and a valuable expert support in problem-solving and project management.


Design & furniture manufacturing: three locations for GRUPPOEMMEBI.

The headquarters in Varedo, in the heart of Brianza, an area that has brought the culture of “savoir faire” and the quality of Italian design to the world, is joined by the 3850 sqm facility in Castelleone near Crema. A place of sensory exploration where clients can immerse themselves in a constantly updated selection of materials, fabrics, finishes, colours; a dynamic area, constantly updated, open to collaborations and student visits to share GRUPPOEMMEBI’s expertise, passion and innovation.

UK Branch

London Office

Internationalization has always been a focus within the company’s strategic project. In May was opened the office of GRUPPOEMMEBI London 96 Belsize Lane, that is a space available to architects, designers, interior designers and not only to take care of all your projects and make them come true

uk branch studio londra
uk branch studio londra
uk branch studio londra
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