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A Group with artisan values and skills managed and organized with industrial skills.

GRUPPOEMMEBI’s identity is expressed through competence, experimentation, made in Italy, tailoring, analytical and creative skills. They are all pieces that make up every supply, whether small or large, they are the values and distinctive codes of the brand.


GRUPPOEMMEBI is concrete, consistent, real, pragmatic and solid.


GRUPPOEMMEBI is competent, technologically advanced and recognises and brings out quality.


GRUPPOEMMEBI is creative thinking, craft sensitivity, mind and action that come together.

Interior Contractor logos and pencil UK
Interior Contractor logos and pencil UK

Reliable, professional and innovative, GRUPPOEMMEBI is a privileged interior contractor at the service of its clients, whether they are private individuals, architects, interior designers or developers.

Everything always starts from listening, from the fascination of an idea that chases an image and the natural transformation of a custom-made furniture design into a reality to be experienced.

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